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Emergency Service


If your heating quits,   DON’T PANIC   Call  KMC.  We can take care of any problem with your   * furnace, * boiler, * waterheater * air conditioner and….   Because we answer our phones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we are always available for your emergency and…..  you only pay a Straight Forward Price TM for repairs.  You never pay for extra labor, or travel time.


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Why Should I Have My Furnace Serviced?

It Still Runs!


There are many reasons why you should not only clean your furnace, but also to Have a “Precision Tune-Up”.


*   SAVE MONEY ON UTILITY COSTS  Our precision tune-up includes electronic efficiency testing to maximize your fuel dollar. 

*    MINIMIZE REPAIRS   We inspect all the components for fatigue or possible premature failure.  

*   INCREASE LIFE EXPECTANCY  We make sure the furnace is “factory fresh” specs to insure long life.

*   MINIMIZE HEALTH HAZARDS  We inspect for holes or cracks which could let poisonous carbon monoxide gases into your home and we electronically test for its presence in your home.

*   GREATER COMFORT  Your thermostat will be calibrated to ensure accurate temperatures.

*   FULL CAPACITY  An unserviced furnace may produce less heat and still use more fuel.

*   PEACE OF MIND  Isn’t it nice to know that your home and your family are being taken care of by the professionals?

If you are ready to start saving money…

Ask for your Precision Tune-Up today!


“Silver Club Memberships”

You get Priority Service for only $14.95 per month and….

As a Silver Club Member, you are guaranteed appointments in 48 hours,  a FREE precision tune-up, FREE safety and efficiency test, a 20% discount on repairs.  Sign Up Today!


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